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Caterina Harris Earl’s mission is to empower women to find their passion and live their dreams. When you change the life of a woman, you change the life of the world. She is a powerful motivator, trainer and speaker. Caterina has been a successful entrepreneur for nearly three decades. She is a leadership and self development trainer who is well respected in her field.

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Originally from Fremont, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, Caterina is known as a “techie” to all of her friends. She now resides in Chicago, IL and Brentwood, CA. Caterina is a college graduate with a degree in Political Science and Economics from Mills College in Oakland, CA and participated in the Masters Degree Program at USC in Public Administration. Caterina has achieved the highest position with Mary Kay, Inc. as a National Sales Director. Prior to 30 years of entrepreneurship, her career was in non-profit work in Oakland, CA and Washington, DC.

Caterina is married to Dr. Anthony Earl. Anthony pastored for 30 years and now is an International Trainer, Missionary and Church Planter. Caterina works with Anthony in full time ministry, training church leaders globally. They have 5 grown kids and 12 grandchildren. She loves to travel the world learning about different cultures, attend Jazz Festivals and master all of the latest gadget.

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